VIKING retrofit service Nadiro

why a VIKING Nadiro Drop-In-BallTM

is simply safer!

Conventional hooks

VIKING Nadiro Drop-In-Ball™

1.  24/7 opening force from gravity


2.  More complexity - more risk

3.  Hazardous re-hooking

4. Un-reliable hydrostatic release systems

​​​​​​​5. Wires, wires everywhere

6. Costly customization

7. Complex maintenance

24/7 self-locking design i.e. Drop-In-Ball™ uses 2 separate forces for opening and closing the hook. The force of gravity keeps the hook closed and can only be opened by controllable hydraulic force, reducing the threat of accidental release

No hidden parts. It’s easy for crew to see how the mechanism works = simpler training and safer operation

Re-hooking a lifeboat or rescue craft in rough weather is easier and safer, due to the unique design of Drop-In-Ball ™ hook and also our foul weather recovery strop

VIKING Nadiro provides safe release water sensor, which sends a clear signal to the hook operator when the lifeboat has been waterborne and the hooks can be safely released

Stainless steel pipes and pendants replace the sometimes hazardous flex cables in conventional systems and protects crew during operations when connecting the lifeboat to davit arrangement

A range of standardized brackets cut the installation costs for almost any lifeboat brand

With absolute minimum moving parts, the Drop-In-Ball™ simplifies performance and requires less maintenance