Davit, Liferaft 35/39DKF(S), Manual, D.I. - D-RC.35/4,0, Shotbl./Primer

Prod. No.: 1068327

The system is designed in that way, that all necessary functions, such as launching and recovery of the liferaft, are fulfilled.

  • The system corresponds to the enclosed arrangement drawing R1-A2098.

Product properties:

Approvals: SOLAS, MED

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In order to allow a launching and recovery procedure as appropriate, the system is equipped with a manual winch. Winch gears run in a closed oil bath. This type of winch is suitable for lowering a fully loaded liferaft due to gravity, whilst hoisting of the fully equipped liferaft, including the launching crew, can be realised manually.

In case of multi-raft handling, the winch drum has a special “quick return” function for fast hoisting of the empty hook. A jockey pulley with lines to facilitate the pull of the empty hook to the operator is provided.

Technical data:

  • SWL: 35 kN
  • Outreach: 4.0 m
  • Gravity lowering speed: according to SOLAS formula ­V= 0.4 + (0.02 x H) m/s
  • List/ trim conditions: list 20°, ­trim 10°
  • Total weight of the system: approx. 2150 kg