Nadiro Drop-In-Ball™ hook system

VIKING Nadiro Drop-In-Ball™

Fits all brands and makes of lifeboat and rescue boat!

The fear of hook failures has often held crews back from performing necessary drills, and the reputation of lifeboats and rescue craft as a reliable safety measure has suffered.

The VIKING Nadiro Drop-in-Ball™ hook system is an ingenious, reliable solution to this problem, ensuring 100% peace of mind and full safety compliance.

Demand the world’s safest hook system!

Building new vessels? Or need to replace your current hooks to comply with new legislation?

VIKING Nadiro Drop-In-Ball™ is a unique safety mechanism that ensures lifeboats won’t be let down before you’re good and ready. This unique solution uses patented technology that vastly reduces the risk of release equipment failure.


  • Hydraulic powered release
  • Gravitational forces keep the hook closed
  • Intuitive re-hooking with a safe and easy click-in system
  • Easy user interface inside the lifeboat
  • Back-up release mechanism ensures reliability
  • Compliant with IMO regulations Res. MSC. 320(89) and LSA Code
  • Certified according to Marine Equipment Directive (MED)
  • Available as single hook and double fall hook system in 3.2, 7.5 and 12.5 t versions
  • Can be fitted or retrofitted on all makes of lifeboats, rescue boats and fast rescue craft

Nadiro Drop-In-Ball™ is available in three versions, covering lifeboat capacities up to 150 people. It can be fitted or retrofitted on most makes of lifeboats and fast rescue craft, including free-fall models, and customized to specific requirements.


  • USCG approved                          
  • ISO 9001-2008 certified production
  • MED approvals by DNV GL
  • MED-D-000003C (Quality System)


  • MED-B-000018C (DIB 75)
  • MED-B-00005A1-2 (DIB 125)
  • MED-B-000007J (DIB 32)