Davit, Rescueboat, Hydraulic, D.I. - D-CRM.12,5/3,5, Shotbl./Primer

Prod. No.: 1068329

The system type D-CRm. is designed in that way, that all necessary functions, such as launching and recovery of the boat are fulfilled. The launching of the boat is realised by hydraulic stored power in addition to gravity.

  • The davit system corresponds to the enclosed arrangement drawing R1-A2250

Product properties:

Approvals: MED

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The system is suitable for launching a boat, including the full complement of persons, from the stowed position to the water level. The boat is, after embarkation, slewed from the stowed position to the lowering position by means of hydraulic stored power. The lowering procedure is performed due to gravity. Both procedures, the slewing and the lowering, can be controlled from either the winch position or from within the boat.

Technical data:

  • SWL: 12.5 kN
  • Hoisting speed: 18 m/min
  • Gravity lowering speed: according to the SOLAS V=0.4 + (0.02 x H) m/s
  • Davit outreach 3.5 m
  • List/ trim conditions: list 20°, trim 10°
  • Total weight of the system: approx. 1300 kg